A proprietary CNG decompression process (VPRS-CNG) allows for complete elimination of high-pressure gas preheat and raises the pressure regulated gas temperature also without applying any external man-made energy. The technology has no limitation on CNG flow rate and the process initial and final/delivery pressures.

CNG Decompression (Virtual Pipeline) Application


A uniquely designed Self-Heating VPR (VPR-CNG) provides for a single-stage pressure regulation of non-preheated gas from up to 5,000 psi to a desirable downstream pressure of a typical 60-100 psi. The VPR-CNG is a key component in the UVI technology of CNG pressure regulation station: Vortex PRS-CNG (VPRS-CNG).

The core of the technology is the proprietary Self-Heating Vortex Pressure Reducer (VPR) configured as the Single Path Vortex Tube.  This prevents unheated gas from freezing in pressure reduction. The VPR saves fuel gas and is an environmentally friendly alternative to high pressure gas preheating upstream of pressure regulation.


  • Self-Heating device that needs no external heating
  • Generates heat as an outcome of the routine gas pressure regulation
  • Steady non-freeze performance regardless of the gas quality
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance
  • Easy to install or retrofit in new or existing facilities


A combination of the standard VPR sizes or a customized design provides for, practically, unlimited VPR capacity.

Using its proprietary concept of process configuration and pressure/flow control, Universal Vortex designs the VPR based CNG pressure regulation systems to satisfy one of the following process criteria:

- Constant CNG flow under depleting tank's pressure
- Duration of the CNG tank complete depletion;
- Variable discharge flow.

If applicable, the VPRS-CNG pressure regulating system may include the energy saving (no combustion) and 'green' Vortex after-heat-exchanging provision to increase the pressure regulated gas temperature.

VPRS-CNG Diagram

Vortex Pressure Regulation Station CNG (VPRS-CNG) Examples